windows - Get user's non-truncated Active Directory groups

ACTIVENet Insights user guide user with Reports: ACTIVE Net Insights permission as full access logs into ACTIVENet Insights for the first time and the user can edit, save and delete content to the personal folder. Note: Users with Read Only permission do not have a personal folder. Unlock domain users or reset passwords from command line Net user loginname /DOMAIN /active:YES. or if you want to reset their password you can use this command: net user loginname newpassword /DOMAIN /Active:Yes. then you should be all set. but keep in mind you must be logged in as a domain admin to do this or use the Runas command which i have a link in the references on how to use.

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net user administrator /active:yes but account doesn't Jun 28, 2014 Check AD Domain User Account Status from CLI - Bonus Bits

ACTIVENet Insights user guide

"net user administrator /active:yes" giving "The password Jun 10, 2008 Batch Script - NET USER - Tutorialspoint NET USER The above command shows all the accounts defined on a system. Following is the output of the above command. User accounts for \\WIN-50GP30FGO75 ----- Administrator atlbitbucket Guest The command completed successfully. net user Guest ACTIVE - Find & Register for Races, Local Events & Things