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Feb 28, 2020 filesystem - Very large log files, what should I do? - Ask Optional: Copy log file. cp -av --backup=numbered file.log file.log.old Optional: Use Gzip on copy of log. gzip file.log.old Use /dev/null for clean file. cat /dev/null > file.log And we use for this logs (only on several servers) logrotate and weekly execute by cron script which all files with *.1 (or next rotated) compress by gzip. HOW TO: View and Report from Log Files Jun 09, 2019 10 Awesome Examples for Viewing Huge Log Files in Unix

It can open a 1.9Gb text file in about 20 seconds. It's a windows-like graphical interface with all the standard text editing features you'd expect like syntax highlighting, indenting, line numbering, and so on. If you want to resize the window, do that before opening the large file.

Jun 09, 2019 10 Awesome Examples for Viewing Huge Log Files in Unix

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The file is so large I can't open it, easily, even with sublime text reader. Regardless, I have shut this off. If it is correct that the firewall log would not be deletion protected, then this is not the issue because the log file is not deletable, with the following error: "The action can't be completed because the file is open in McAfee Home How to Empty and Delete SQL Server Log File In the Database files grid, select the file to delete and then click Remove. 4. Click OK. Way 2: Delete SQL Server Log File with Transact-SQL . If you are familiar with Transact-SQL, follow this way to work for SQL Server database or log file deletion. Step 1: Empty SQL log file. 1. Connect to the Database Engine. 2. From the Standard bar Large Log File Viewer - Free downloads and reviews - CNET large log file viewer free download - Large Text File Viewer, Large File Viewer, Log File Viewer Lite, and many more programs Open and view large text files. Free Publisher: x2 Downloads: 94 How to View & Read Linux Log Files in Command Line