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Now, strdup() uses malloc() under the hood to automatically allocate the memory for you. However, this means that you must free the memory yourself, after you finish using it! So, simply put, strdup() allocates memory using malloc(), and then copies your source string to the allocated memory. A Sample Implementation of strdup() strndup - Aug 02, 2019 strdup - The strdup() function creates a duplicate of the string pointed to by src, and returns a pointer to the new copy. The strdup() function allocates the memory for the new string by calling malloc(); it's up to you to release the memory by calling free(). Returns:

g_strdup_vprintf () gchar * g_strdup_vprintf (const gchar *format, va_list args); Similar to the standard C vsprintf() function but safer, since it calculates the maximum space required and allocates memory to hold the result. The returned string should be freed with g_free() when no longer needed. MinGW cross-compilation adventure.: strdup — LiveJournal I just finished porting a Windows driver (actually 3) to use the MinGW build environment. Due to the Windows Device Driver Kit (DDK) being under a somewhat opaque license, we could not get legal clearance to release binaries of our GPLed code compiled with the DDK. This was bad because I, …

BUF_strdup() copies a null terminated string into a block of allocated memory and returns a pointer to the allocated block. Unlike the standard C library strdup() this function uses OPENSSL_malloc() and so should be used in preference to the standard library strdup() because it can be used for memory leak checking or replacing the malloc

strdup() function in C duplicates the given string. Syntax for strdup( ) function is given below. Syntax char *strdup(const char *string); Important Note. strdup() function is non standard function which may not available in standard library in C. Program . In this program, string "atnyla" is duplicated using strdup() function and duplicated string is displayed as output. strrev() function in C - GeeksforGeeks