Apr 22, 2014 · Click on that box and select 'Local Area Connection*4'. Be sure to re-check the above box by clicking on it to add the tick, as well as the lower box if desired (although not necessary). Then click 'ok', and the problem should be fixed. For windows 8.1, the 'Connections:' section should now say 'Local Area Connection* 4', NOT 'Ethernet'

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Apr 22, 2014

I tried ipconfig and the IP configuration doesn't have a dns suffix, the ethernet adapter local area connection doesn't have a default gateway, the wireless lan adapter has information, the tunnel adapter teredo tunneling pseudo-interface has information, but everything else says "media disconnected". 9 Disconnected B8-08-CF-4B-56-56 3 Mbps Local Area Connection* 10 Bluetooth Device (RFCOMM Protocol TDI) 7 Not Present 0 bps Local Area Connection* 11 WAN Miniport (SSTP) 22 Disconnected 0 bps Local Area Connection* 6 WAN Miniport (IP) 6 Up 0 bps Local Area Connection* 5 WAN Miniport (Network Monitor) 19 Up 0 bps Wi-Fi Intel(R) Dual Band Sep 08, 2017 · Local Area Connection missing from network adapters, no connection I have a Windows 7 Home Premium computer that is not connected to the internet. I have checked the drivers and they are all installed correctly and operational. When I go into the adapter settings there is no Local Area Connection adapter.