Jan 06, 2008

Make Vista Super Fast! - posted in Windows Old: I just want to give my list of things I did to get Vista running super fast, it has changed from an sluggish OS to a OS with steroids! 1. Installed O&O defrag - did complete defrag then put it in stealth mode. This stops the file table from fragmenting, allowing faster seektimes for your hard disk. How to Make Windows Start Up Faster | PCWorld Feb 13, 2007 How to Make Vista run faster « Operating Systems How To: Speed up Windows Vista in three steps ; How To: Speed up Windows Vista performance & start-up ; How To: Disable unneeded features to speed up Windows Vista ; How To: Make favorite programs boot faster on Windows 7, Vista and XP ; How To: Speed up the shut down time on Windows XP and Vista Make Vista Faster - Windows Vista

Right-click on the Start Button and select Control Panel from the list Head to System and Security > Power Options On the left side of that screen, you will find an option ‘Choose what the power buttons do’, click on it. Click on ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable.’

Although computers are able to perform tasks that would normally take hours to accomplish, they aren't always so fast. Certain things can clog up the computers speed and cause it to slow down to the point where you feel like ripping out your hair. This video tutorial will show you just how to speed up your Windows Vista boot-up time using some easy to follow steps. Make your Vista Boot up time faster! Tip - Microsoft Jul 05, 2008

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Speed Up Windows Boot Times By Delaying Startup Of This method has the benefit of faster boot times, but will also speed up Windows logon time (when most auto start programs are started). Additionally, you can control when a service will start, unlike Vista's delayed auto start feature, which cannot be controlled as to exactly when the service will start. How To Make Vista Start, Run and Shutdown Faster Jan 06, 2008 Five secrets to faster Vista starts | ZDNet Sluggish security software. I hate antivirus software. I hate all-in-one security solutions even more. …