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Splunk Forwarder 6.1.4 - no site defined in server.conf, Could not bind to Port 8090 forwarder port server.conf featured · answered Aug 20, '19 by woodcock 84.1k Basic Usage: Server - HHVM -m is the mode option; the default is command-line.-p is the port where HHVM will listen for requests. The default is 80. And the root for your program files will be the current directory from where you launched the hhvm command above.. Configuration Overrides-d specifies command-line configuration overrides.. In our example above, we are using the default HHVM built-in proxygen web server on How To Guide: Set Up & Configure OpenVPN client/server VPN The default server.conf file has a line. status openvpn-status.log. which will output a list of current client connections to the file openvpn-status.log once per minute. Using the management interface. The OpenVPN management interface allows a great deal of control over a running OpenVPN process. no server.conf available: where is it? - OpenVPN Support Forum

Apache HTTP Server .conf file format. Web server configuration file for administration port. Only the listen port and local address are intended for customer configuration. Primary feature configured: mod_dms; administration port used for communication with Node Manager. mod_wl_ohs.conf. Apache HTTP Server .conf file format

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no server.conf available: where is it? - OpenVPN Support Forum

Server.conf provides contains the set of attributes and values you can use to configure server options, and are often times specific to the system. Deleting them will cause any of the custom settings that have been put in place intentionally or otherwise, to be deleted. Server Conf — Evennia 0.9 documentation The “Settings” file referenced throughout the documentation is the file mygame/server/conf/ This is automatically created on the first run of evennia --init (see the Getting Started page). Your new is relatively bare out of the box. Configure the search head with server.conf - Splunk Before reading this topic, see Configure the indexer cluster with server.conf. It discusses configuration issues that are common to all cluster node types. Enable a search head The following example shows the basic settings that you must configure when enabling a search head node. Configuring the embedded global cache