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When on VPN they can access the network, ping the exchange server and resolve the exchange server name in the exchange outlook profile (fully qualified DNS name). Outlook unable to connect Exchange VPN - TechRepublic Outlook unable to connect Exchange VPN By daniel_malloy · 15 years ago The other day my VPN server received updates from Microsoft in the middle of the night, when I came in the server was When Phanton VPN & Outlook Exchange, IMAP – Official Avira When Phanton VPN & Outlook Exchange, IMAP Completed. Follow. Franco Sannan December 27, 2019 09:57; Hello I have a Problem When i got my Phantom vpn connected the Microsoft Outlook who has two accounts, the 1st account settings is exchange and the other is IMAP and both got disconnected Exchange Email Without VPN? | FinalGear.com Forums Jan 06, 2013

Configuring Outlook 2010 for Exchange | Engineering

Jan 11, 2010

I have my Outlook client setup to use the Outlook Anywhere feature. This works fine when not connected to our VPN. However, when I connect to the VPN the Outlook client loses its connection. I setup our VPN using Windows Server 2003's RRAS which seems to work fine but it seems like this must be causing the issue.

What kind of VPN are they using? It is a full-tunnel VPN? Also, is this a third party tunnel or a client VPN? Are they able to ping, tracert the necessary Exchange server when they're on the VPN connection? Can you run a pcap to see what the traffic does when they're on the VPN and trying to use Outlook/O365? Outlook/Exchange not working over VPN - Cisco Community Re: Outlook/Exchange not working over VPN "Do not dial, use existing connection" is checked. As far as what ports are open, we are not using split-tunnel, so all traffic from the remote PC is tunneled to the PIX, and there is no other access-list or setting that would block certain ports from the remotes. How can I connect to my VPN to access Outlook and stay If you go into the e-mail accounts option in Outlook, there will be an option to set up an Exchange server connection. There is specific information on the Exchange server setup page, which you'll need to get from your e-mail admins. Lastly…Webmail in Exchange 2003 is greatly improved and works much like Outlook … Plan and configure Cached Exchange Mode in Outlook 2016 Upgrading existing Cached Exchange Mode users to Outlook 2016. When upgrading, if you do not change Cached Exchange Mode settings, the same settings are kept for Outlook 2016. However, by default, when Outlook 2016 is installed and Cached Exchange Mode is enabled, a new compressed version of the Outlook data file (.ost) is created.