Giganews is the world's largest Tier 1 Newsgroup Service Provider (NSP) for individuals and Internet Service Providers. Giganews manages global Usenet server clusters designed to offer the fastest, most reliable Usenet experience possible.

As you may have already seen, Giganews recently announced support for 256 bit SSL encrypted Usenet access on port 443. The reason we decided to offer support for port 443 is that some customers were experiencing slow download speeds on port 563 due to port-based speed limiting on networks between their computer and Giganews. Giganews Vyprvpn Slow - BEST BUDGET VPN: NordVPN for Windows 10 offers the biggest network, the strongest encryption, and great performance. Use Giganews Vyprvpn Slow our link for an exclusive 75% off the 3-year plan. giganews The next time you notice Giganews increasing retention or adding features to our service, remember that there is a lot of complex work going on behind the scenes to make sure we're delivering the level of service you expect without having to interrupt your access or slow down our service. Slow download speeds with Newsleecher/Giganews

Solved: Extremely Slow DSL Downloads/Connections and

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Do you really need that many usenet/nntp connections? How As Giganews released the news this week that they've upped the amount of connections allowed on their premium accounts to 50 - it does bring a long the question: is there even a need for that many? "As a Premium Usenet Service Provider, we constantly improve our service to ensure our members have the best Usenet experience on the planet. While Giganews Usenet Provider review - gHacks Tech News Dec 18, 2009