May 19, 2020

German spy agency doubts U.S. 'China lab' coronavirus May 09, 2020 German spy agency warns of Chinese LinkedIn espionage Dec 10, 2017 German spy agency doubts U.S. 'China lab' coronavirus German spy agency doubts U.S. 'China lab' coronavirus accusations: report 5/8/2020. Every state's most expensive property for sale. NYPD suspends officer after video shows apparent chokehold.

Mar 12, 2020 · The head of the BfV spy agency Thomas Haldenwang, described the party’s leaders in the states of Thuringia and Brandenburg, Björn Höcke and Andreas Kalbitz, as “right-wing extremists” at a press conference in Berlin announcing the move.

German spy agency 'helped US find Osama bin Laden' - Telegraph

Jun 29, 2018 · German spy agency acknowledges employing Himmler's daughter. March 6, 1938. Chief of the German Police and Minister of the Interior Heinrich Himmler with his daughter Gudrun on his lap, watch an

Nov 12, 2019 · The spy school is located at the new 1 billion-euro ($1.1 billion) headquarters of the BND, which opened earlier this year and houses 4,000 staff. The agency was previously based in a sprawling Nazi-era complex in Pullach, near Munich, which remains the site of Germany’s electronic eavesdropping operation.